I like the summer the best because you can swim in a out door pool! School is out and you can hangout with friends and do lots of outside sports like baseball, basketball, football, and other sports. You can get ice cream a lot and camp with family . It’s warm, like 80 degrees.  You can go to the beach, swim, have out side parties, go hamicking, ride bikes, go to the park, and have the best dinners and lunches in the summer because you can grill and do yard work. You can go to grandmas an grandpas house and stay up late playing ghost  in the graveyard, capture the flag, and go in the tent outside and sleep in it!  You can have lots of sleep overs and lots of vacation too .

All About Miss Yankee

My name is Levi. I am doing an interview  about my kindergarten teacher. Question 1  was, “What is your favorite color?”  She said blue. Question 2 was, “What is your favorite sport?”  She said softball. Question 3 was,  “How long did you teach?”  She said 6 years. Question 4 was, “What is your favorite food?”  She said pizza. Question 5 was,  “What is your favorite sports team?” and she said Detroit Tigers.

Valintines Day

Did you ever wonder how did Valentines day become a holiday?!!!  Well, I will tell you how St. Valentine was a priest in Rome and he got killed on February14, and he gave a present to a girl. On Valentines Day, people get chocolate  hearts or flowers.

Christmas in China

searchIn China, for Christmas there are decorations.  Their Santa is called “dunchelaoren”.  In China, for Christmas they eat dumplings and duck. That is all about China for Christmas and they celabrate it on Febuary 7.